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CBD Tinctures vs Smoking: How Tinctures Support Health

We’ve all seen it in the movies: A bunch of “stoners” exit a room or a vehicle with smoke billowing out behind them. But that truly is an antiquated image. Firstly, there is the most recent development and marketing of CBD oil in San Francisco, which means you can get all the fantastic benefits of the cannabis plant without getting that “high” feeling, if you so choose. Second is the fact that you no longer need to smoke it.

CBD Tincture vs Smoking

Smoking is a fine choice and there’s no wonder as to why it was and is so popular: it’s bioavailable and delivers product almost instantly into your system without involving the digestive tract in any way. But it does have its downsides. That feeling you’re after often disappears as quickly as it came. And it leaves much to be desired in keeping your activity discreet, what with the smell and the smoke.

CBD Oil vs Vape

A more recent and popular option is vaping. When vaping, CBD is inhaled into the lungs and then vaporized into little particles of mist that pass through membranes and then are very rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Vaping is a very fast-acting and heavy-hitting way to take CBD oil in San Francisco — but again, not particularly long-lasting. And also like smoke, it can leave you with unwanted side effects.

Modern technology has come a long way however and now you can smoke or vape if you so choose. But you can also make use of the wonderful world of tinctures!

What is a CBD Tincture?

A CBD tincture is a liquid with a high cannabidiol content that is produced by steeping CBD hemp flowers into a solvent made of alcohol and water over low heat for a significant amount of time. The resulting derived product is then combined with a carrier oil and flavors to create the tincture. 

CBD Tincture Benefits

This tincture is not immediately ingested but taken “sublingually,” which means that it is held underneath the tongue for a minute or two before swallowing. The final swallowing of the tincture allows it to process through the liver and take effect even later so you can get double the bang for your buck. When considering CBD tincture vs smoking, or CBD oil vs vape, there are a few things about tinctures that may make it the superior choice for your needs.

CBD tinctures are long-lasting.

How long does CBD tincture last? You are not alone in wondering. While it may take around 30 minutes to an hour to feel the effects from a tincture compared to the near-instant method of smoking or vaping, those effects tend to last longer usually three to four hours but oftentimes even up to eight to 12 hours. These long-lasting effects are perhaps the number one reason people choose a tincture over smoking.

CBD tinctures are discreet.

In these hectic times, we don’t always get to take a break every time we feel busy or overwhelmed. Tinctures are convenient to carry and can be used quickly and easily, even in a public place. There is no lingering odor or anything else that would create any stigma in using. And there are no additional devices needed, such as a pipe or papers. Everything you need to partake in CBD oil in San Francisco is all in one handy little bottle and dropper.

CBD tinctures provide controlled dosage.

Whereas with smoking you don’t always know what or how much you’re going to get, tinctures offer more precise dosing in a dropper form. This allows you to control your usage and, over time, learn exactly how much you need and exactly how often you need it to get the specific results you desire.

CBD tinctures are multi-purpose.

You can take a few drops of a tincture sublingually. You can also mix it into a meal you’re cooking or add it to your favorite beverage. Some tinctures can even be used topically, alone or mixed into your favorite lotion or cream, to rub right into your skin. When looking at CBD oil vs vape, you don’t get the same flexibility with vaping! 

CBD tincture benefits include easy storage and a long shelf-life.

You can keep your tincture with your vitamins or in your medicine cabinet or anywhere at all really since there is no obvious judgment if one glimpses your pretty little bottle. And just how long does CBD tincture last? Well, when protected from any of the extremes such as heat, cold and moisture, your tincture should last for a year or two, which is far longer than it will probably take to use it up!

CBD Oil in San Francisco

We consider CBD to be a wonderful additional to any routine. It is non-intoxicating and not habit-forming. These days more and more people are experimenting with CBD as an alternative to potentially habit-forming products.

We are grateful that the general public is becoming more aware of the benefits of CBD and that finding where to buy CBD oil in San Francisco is no longer a struggle. “The City”, “SF”, “San Fran” or even (*shudder*) “Frisco” — whatever you choose to call it, we are the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California, and San Franciscans are always on the cutting edge. Which means there are a lot of choices… but if you are looking for where to buy CBD oil in San Francisco, or from online anywhere else in the country, consider the absolutely delicious, highly efficacious, premium organic products from Cannasté.

Well-Balanced Wellbeing

We at Cannasté are thrilled to help educate our community about CBD and provide high-quality tinctures to those looking for relief. Our products are always third-party tested for potency and purity, and we use only organic MCT oil and organic stevia with all-natural flavors and zero synthetic ingredients. With five delicious flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone to love and a different flavor to suit your every mood.

Please feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and contact us with any questions you might have and to learn more about CBD tincture benefits.

Good vibes ahead. We look forward to sharing them with you.

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